Duvets from natu­ral down. Sui­ta­ble for every season. 

Cozy, Comfortable
Airy light and wonderfully warm

We want you to sleep well

Rest­ful sleep streng­t­hens us to cope with all those small and lar­ger tasks in ever­y­day life. Espe­cially eider­downs – due to their uni­que tex­ture – let you sleep well. They com­bine high elasti­city with excep­tio­nal lof­ting capa­bi­lity and low weight. War­ming and mois­ture-regu­la­ting, duvets are the ideal com­pa­n­ions for a good night’s sleep.

Family tradition for over 100 years

Premium. Exquisite. HANSKRUCHEN.

HANSKRUCHEN is one of the incre­a­singly rare family busi­nes­ses in Ger­many. The Kru­chen family has been known for first-class bed­ding for over 119 years. In 1900 Josef Kru­chen foun­ded a bed fea­ther fac­tory in Telgte, in the heart of the Müns­ter­land region, where he pro­du­ced fea­thers and down for high-qua­lity down duvets and pil­lows. The fol­lowing genera­ti­ons con­ti­nued the pro­duc­tion of luxury bedding.

A heart for animal welfare

The spe­cies-appro­priate bree­ding and care pro­vi­des an unpar­al­leled down qua­lity. Arti­fi­cial raw mate­ri­als, turbo-fat­tening and down taken from living ani­mals are strictly rejec­ted in our manu­fac­tory. This is gua­ran­teed by per­so­nal con­tact and regu­lar qua­lity con­trol of sup­pliers. You will find the “Green Goose” label on all pro­ducts of the HANSKRUCHEN bed­ding collection.

Our green footprint

Down is a pure natu­ral pro­duct, eco­lo­gi­cal, envi­ron­ment­ally friendly and recy­clable. Our down is care­fully clea­ned in an envi­ron­ment­ally friendly washing pro­cess, sor­ted and wrap­ped by hand with high-qua­lity and natu­ral mate­ri­als in nume­rous envi­ron­ment­ally friendly steps. This is how we create sus­tainable bed­ding that will accom­pany you for a long time.

Quality made in Germany

The pro­ces­sing of the raw mate­ri­als and the pro­duc­tion of the down duvets and pil­lows is car­ried out in the manu­fac­tory in Ger­man Müns­ter­land / West­pha­lia. The tra­di­tio­nal pro­ces­sing and the uni­que qua­lity of the fil­lings and fab­rics gua­ran­tee long-term healthy sleep.

Genuine handwork

Our pro­ducts made of natu­ral down are pro­ces­sed in our tra­di­tio­nal manu­fac­tu­ring plant in Müns­ter­land, Ger­many. HANSKRUCHEN com­bi­nes hand­craf­ted per­fec­tion and hig­hest stan­dards with future-ori­en­ted pro­duct con­cepts. The brand stands for hand­made high-qua­lity products.

As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.

Pro­ducts for rest­ful sleep
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Mouth and nose masks from 100% cotton

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Our green footprint!

Our green footprint!

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New Website

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order fair

Visit us at the ABK OPEN — the big order fair for bedroom and home decor — on July 03 and 04 2019.

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