There are various values that catch your eye when loo­king for a sui­ta­ble down duvet — for exam­ple the weight, the ratio of down and fea­thers or the bulkiness.

The CUIN value (CUIN = cubic inches) indi­ca­tes the bul­ki­ness of the down. It is an inter­na­tio­nal unit of mea­su­re­ment for down quality.

For the same weight, down with a hig­her CUIN value is more puffy, volu­mi­nous and the­r­e­fore fluf­fier. The hig­her the CUIN value, the hig­her the warmth and insu­la­tion per­for­mance of the down. Thus, duvets fil­led with 800 CUIN down warm us bet­ter than duvets fil­led with 400 CUIN down.

How is the CUIN value determined?

A CUIN value of 800 means that 28g of down expands to a volume of 800 cubic inches. The 28g of down is fil­led into a cylin­der and com­pres­sed for 24 hours. Then the pres­sure on the down is remo­ved and it is seen how well the down now returns to its ori­gi­nal state. This is how the fil­ling power of the down can be determined.


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