The subtle but important difference

An artwork of nature

Good for you. Good for the envi­ron­ment. And at the same time so won­der­fully fluffy and soft. Duvets and pil­lows with down and fea­ther fil­lings are more popu­lar than ever. The small air cushions in each indi­vi­dual down create the cli­mate-regu­la­ting pro­per­ties and let us sleep really well. The raw mate­ri­als used are of purely natu­ral ori­gin and offer a long ser­vice life while remai­ning easy to care for – more sus­taina­bi­lity is hardly possible.

For the “just right for me” feeling

Dif­fe­rent sizes | dif­fe­rent levels of warmth – ever­ything can be com­bi­ned to suit your spe­ci­fic needs. Thanks to NOMITE and DAUNASAUN cer­ti­fi­ca­tes, bed­ding from HANSKRUCHEN is also ide­ally sui­ted for all­ergy suf­fe­rers. You can also find the ideal pil­low for your favo­rite slee­ping posi­tion to com­ple­ment your new down duvet. No mat­ter if you are a sto­mach or side sleeper.

Full of craftsmanship and love

A duvet looks simple but the manu­fac­tu­ring is very deman­ding! Pro­du­cing it not only requi­res a good pre­pa­ra­tion of the down and raw mate­ri­als, but also care­ful pro­ces­sing and craft­s­manship. Since 1900 this know­ledge has been pas­sed on from genera­tion to genera­tion. Our employees at HANSKRUCHEN know exactly what they are doing and how to create a new duvet for our deman­ding cus­to­mers in nume­rous work steps. 100 % manu­fac­tu­red in Germany.

Made in Germany

What is spe­cial about our pro­ducts might not be obvious at first glance. This pro­duct stands for an envi­ron­ment­ally friendly con­cept, which allows only tes­ted mate­ri­als for the manu­fac­tu­ring of down pro­ducts. The down and fea­thers come from appro­priate ani­mal wel­fare. Down and fea­thers have a filigree struc­ture which results in great elasti­city, excep­tio­nal lof­ting capa­bi­lity and light weight. Thanks to these uni­que pro­per­ties, down enc­lo­ses a lot of air and is war­ming and mois­ture regu­la­ting at the same time. That is why only down duvets are airy light and won­der­fully warm – the per­fect air con­di­tio­ner for the bed.

Order cushions directly with your duvet

The icing on the cake for rest­ful sleep is a matching pil­low, which is just as sup­por­tive as you need it and yet so soft and sup­ple that you can­not wait to get to sleep. We offer a ver­sa­tile collec­tion of HANSKRUCHEN pil­lows in various for­mats which com­bine fil­lings made of elastic fea­thers for the requi­red sup­port and sup­ple down for the necessary soft­ness. All pil­lows are was­ha­ble up to 60° and sui­ta­ble for tumble drying.

Grüne Gans: Green goose — good feeling

Our contribution to a healthier environment

Good sleep should be accom­pa­nied by a good con­sci­ence. The­re­fore, our down comes from spe­cies-appro­priate ani­mal wel­fare and is not obtai­ned from living ani­mals. This is most important to us and is not only con­trol­led by our HANSKRUCHEN team, but also moni­to­red by the inde­pen­dent tes­ting insti­tute Wess­ling. The best proof of this is the Grüne Gans (“Green Goose”) seal on every HANSKRUCHEN product.

Grüne Gans® is our green foot­print. Down is a rene­wa­ble raw mate­rial. But not only down, also fea­thers are a totally eco­lo­gi­cal, envi­ron­ment­ally friendly and recy­clable natu­ral pro­duct. For our pro­ducts we only use down from geese and ducks com­ing from appro­priate ani­mal wel­fare and selec­ted sup­pliers. We do not use down and fea­thers obtai­ned from living ani­mals. The down is refi­ned in an envi­ron­ment­ally friendly washing pro­cess accord­ing to the latest bio­tech­no­lo­gi­cal stan­dards and pro­ces­sed in an envi­ron­ment­ally friendly way.

Bild Übersicht Produkte

Com­forters and pil­lows with the Nomite sign are ideal for all­ergy suf­fe­rers. The down-proof fab­ric pre­vents the for­ma­tion of house dust mites, and the rapid reduc­tion of mois­ture when airing the room crea­tes a mite-unfriendly cli­mate. The Nomite brand gua­ran­tees that HANSKRUCHEN meets the cri­te­ria of the Ger­man Insti­tute for Stan­dar­di­z­a­tion (accord­ing to PAS 1008, DIN EN 13186).

A docu­men­tary tracea­bi­lity sys­tem pro­ves that the fil­ling mate­rial was obtai­ned in accordance with app­li­ca­ble ani­mal wel­fare laws for this pro­duct. Only deter­gents that pro­tect the envi­ron­ment and pre­serve the natu­ral­ness of fea­thers and down are used during pro­ces­sing. At the end of the product’s life cycle, the fil­ling mate­rial can be com­pos­ted without any problems.



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